This is the place to grab yourself a limited edition book (in English), a cuddly Snupsi plush toy or 3D printed and hand painted characters. For a Snupsi ebook, please visit and search for Snupsi.

The characters have all been re-sculpted digitally in 3D, but I managed to imitate plasticine sculpting methods, so the result is very close to the texture, intentional imperfection and visual sense of the “real plasticine” when you look at them even up close.¬†

I can also make them in different sizes, so if you have a special request, please feel free to contact me.

Please allow at least a week for the painted 3D print order to be ready since I do it as a hobby and on my spare time. It is not the fastest process  since it takes about a day to print the sculpture, another to cure and clean and another to finally paint it.

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